Feel the Freedom of Renting Private Luxury Villas in Bali

Renting Bali private villas with us is nothing but stress-free. Here we list more than just luxury villas in Bali, also we provide comprehensive Bali hospitality related services. As our main features, Bali luxury villas are aimed to be places where you can indulge yourself in pleasure and comfort. Our villa collections are something pleasurable and worth a discovery. Each of our Bali private villas  is more than just elegant building, but there is also appreciation towards work of arts, towards Balinese genuine cultures by giving each room for paintings, carved doors, tribal-antique artworks, as well as Balinese furniture.

Once you stay at our Bali private villas, you will be trapped in the utmost luxury and highest personalized service. You will be fully assisted by experienced and dedicated staff catering for your needs, from dining, transportation, cleaning, baby sitting, and other additional services. Each of our Bali luxury villas fulfills the basic requirements that anyone wishes for by staying at a private villa, which are private swimming pool, fully equipped modern kitchen, patio, garden, living room, sundeck, sun loungers, Jacuzzi, spa treatment room, en suite bathroom and bathtub, and more to offer.

The term of “Luxury” is something subjective; something highly priced doesn’t always mean it’s luxurious. However by looking at our Bali luxury villas you will come to realize that it’s the real luxury you are searching for. Each of private villas in Bali that we offer features extraordinary architecture design, collaborating modern and Balinese accent, creating more comfort and style for its occupants. Booking a private villa through us means you get a chance to stay at an appealing-looking dream house which looks imposing on the eyes. So, which luxury villa appeals to you? 

Villa Teresa Bali

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 Bali Luxury Villas 


Villa Teresa is a luxury beachfront with 5 bedrooms villa located in Canggu Echo beach – Bali.

When it comes to full comfort and relaxation in a coastal village, it’s hard to beat Villa Teresa. The villa is away from the hustle and bustle of a glamorous city life. The guests would admire the contemporary Balinese living concept that is made perfect by the direct access to the pristine beach called Echo Beach, a heaven for the world’s surfers.

Villa Teresa is interconnected private villas which is in first unit consist of 3 bedrooms, the second unit consist of 2 bedrooms and be able converted a 5 bedrooms to accommodate a biggest group. Each room has King size bed and one room with Twin bed. Every unit has own pool, kitchen, living, dinning, private access and no any to be share of facilities. 

As private stay concept should be book either 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or ideally converted to be 5 bedrooms in one private compound area, has ample open living space surrounding by colorful of various flowers.

At Villa Teresa Bali you can see that everything is tastefully put together, and all of your wishes will be fulfilled… 


Our Villa


The Villa Jerami not only offers you classy rooms and pool, but also plenty of space, privacy and touching service. To stay at Jerami is to embark on a memorable journey into the local culture for a total destination experience. Revitalize body and soul in unique collection of spa treatments, and experiencing private BBQ or locally flavor of cuisine.